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CleavageSafe Snap-On Mock Camisole (Set of 3)

ZAP BRA 200003588 Set of 3 CleavageSafe Snap-On Mock Camisole (Set of 3)

CleavageSafe Snap-On Mock Camisole (Set of 3)

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Disaster moment when wearing low-cut dressing? CleavageSafe Snap-On Mock Camisole can save you in the public party or occasion! 

It is an anti-slip out lace wear with simple buckle and spray-on design. You can wear different low-cut dresses without worrying cleavage exposingNever get embarrassed again!


  • Protect cleavage 
Spray-on lace cloth clips on the bra, anti-fall

  • Prevent embarrassing situation
    Save you when you are wearing plunging pretty wearing 

  • Level adjustable
    Can adjust different level depending on your wearing
  • Easy to dress
    Simple color and highly applicable
     to most of the dresses

  • Soft, comfortable
    High-quality material which is safe and non-toxic


    • Material: Spandex / Lycra
    • Size: 24 x 20cm


    • 1 x CleavageSafe Snap-On Mock Camisole

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