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ComfyFit™ Bra Extender Strap

ZAP BRA 200000351 Skin Color ComfyFit™ Bra Extender Strap

ComfyFit™ Bra Extender Strap

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When bra's don't fit right, they dig into your skin and leave unsightly red marks. This leaves thousands of women every day feeling uncomfortable and restricted.

ComfyFit™ Bra Extender Strap is the instant, no-sew solution that gives your bras an amazingly comfortable fit!


Extra Comfort, Extra Support!

Did you know that 90% of bra support actually comes from the band? That's why ComfyFit™ is designed to add a few inches to your bra, so it holds up your bust perfectly and comfortably.

Good support also means amazing shape, so you also get that gorgeous silhouette you've always wanted!

Easily Adjust Your Bra's Length For A Custom Fit

This simple strap makes you feel like your bra is custom-made for you! Even better, it's completely hassle-free to use! It attaches easily and firmly to your bra's existing hooks.

Soft and Comfortable Fabric: Feels Amazing on the Skin!

Made from lightweight and soft material, ComfyFit™ blends fully with your original bra, so you'll never have to deal with itch or irritations!

Snug Fit Lets You Breathe Again

There's nothing worse than feeling like you can't breathe because your bra is too tight. This bra extender gives you more breathing room and looser bands for that perfectly snug feeling. 

Ideal for Pregnancy, Weight Fluctuations, Ill-Fitting Bras, + More!

If you're in between sizes, dealing with weight gain, or struggling with awkwardly sized bras, then ComfyFit™ is for you!

With this handy extender, you don't have to throw old or tight bras awaySave time and money without sacrificing comfort!

"Very happy with my purchase! The extender fits my bra perfectly and the material quality is great too. Totally worth it for the price."

Why choose ComfyFit™ Bra Extender Strap?

  • Extends your bra's length for the ideal fit
  • Adds up to 3 inches in size
  • Designed for maximum comfort
  • Easy and hassle-free attachment
  • Soft, lightweight, anti-irritation material
  • Gives you extra room to breathe
  • Saves time and money


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