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Ultralight Sports Bra

Woman Blush® 200003627 Black / XXL Ultralight Sports Bra

Ultralight Sports Bra

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Searching for the perfect bra is no less than a nightmare! The sizing is confusing and none of them seems to fit. Be in the best shape of your life with the Ultralight Sports Bra. Now all girls and women can bounce around freely without feeling unsupported or tied down.

  • Our Unique technology hugs your natural shape with maximum comfort.

  • It can help you reduce your chest movement and protect your chest, the weight of the breast is supported by a uniform tension, rather than simply squeezing the chest.
  • Instantly lifts and supports for a better posture, won't jiggling breasts while doing your simplest to highest intensity sport or workout.

  • Relieve pressure on your shoulders and you don't have to worry about shoulder straps slipping off while doing exercise.

  • Perfect for all sports such as running, jogging, dancing, cycling, HIIT, tennis, badminton, yoga and more!

  • It's compact, light, wireless and hardware free
  • It asks you to love yourself as you are
  • Removable pads.


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