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Wireless Lift Up Bra

Woman Blush® 31201 Black / L Wireless Lift Up Bra

Wireless Lift Up Bra

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Stand a little taller, keep things attractive, and stay chic with your true self wearing this Wireless Lift Bra. Gets you rid of droopy breasts and uncomfortable bras that cause bad postures and back pains.

The wireless design keeps you snugly supported for a natural look... without poking or pinching! You’ll love the extra wide straps, too. No more fighting and fidgeting with straps that refuse to stay up... or, even worse, dig painfully into your shoulders.

Why Wireless Lift Up Bra?

  • Our technology hugs your natural shape with maximum comfort.
  • Hook-and-eye free and wire-free for ideal comfort. 
  • Non-slip, wide straps eliminate fidgeting and shoulder pain.
  • Smooths in seconds minimizing lumps and bulging. 
  • Seamless and sleek with no visible bra lines.
  • Inner comfort band provides stability and support even while you are lying down
  • It asks you to love yourself as you are.

Sizing Instructions:

** Please review the sizing chart before placing your order to ensure you select the correct size. **

Package Includes

  • 1 x Wireless Lift Up Bra


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